Installing the Employee Time Clock Module for WHMCS

Installation Instructions

This tutorial will show you how to install the Employee Time Clock for WHMCS. We will guide you through the installation and configuration process step by step.

1. Log in to your client area and download the module.
Client Area Employee Time Clock Download

2. Once the download has finished, extract the ZIP file. In the extracted folder you will find a folder labeled "modules". Upload this folder to the base directory of your WHMCS installation. If you are asked to overwrite or merge, please select merge. DO NOT OVERWRITE.

3. Now you have to activate the module in WHMCS.
To activate the module, login to your WHMCS Admin Area and click on Settings->Addon Modules Afterwards, locate Employee Time Clock and click on the Activate button.
Admin Area Addon Module Activation

4. The next step is to assign which departments should have access to the Employee Time Clock.
Admin Area Addon Module Configuration

5. Next, go to Addons->Employee Time Clock and follow the instructions on the screen to begin configuration. Be sure to copy your license key from your Client Area. The rest of the configuration is up to you.
Employee Time Clock Configuration
6. You have just successfully installed and configured 
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